Welcome to Aston Martin - DBS Volante
2010 DBS Volante

Exterior Colour : Beige Diamond
Interior Color     : Red Leather
Status                 : SOLD
Price                   : On Request
The   key  message  for   DBS  launch  is  the  focus  on  new
technology. The   positioning   of  the  DBS  in  the “bloodline”
between  the  DB9  road  car  and the DBRS9 and DBR9 race
cars illustrates the technological advancement in the car. The
creative strategy  focuses  on  the all-powerful, menacing and
magnificent personality of the DBS. In line with this,
photography for  marketing materials has taken place in dark,
stormy and dramatic settings in a “film-noir” style.

Volante:  Completing  the  DBS line-up,  the  new Volante will
afford   customers  the   combination  of   the  DBS’s  already-
established benchmark sports  car  characteristics with all the
thrills of open-air motoring.  Featuring a motorised retractable
fabric roof,  the  DBS’s  beautiful  profile is preserved whether
up  or   down.  When  the  roof is  closed, it  provides  a  warm
comfortable  ambience  and  when  open, it neatly disappears
behind the new tonneau cover at the touch of a button.
2006 Vanquish 'S'
2006 Vanquish 'S'
2006 Vanquish 'S'